Book a Resource via Web

Navigate to 'Workspace' and the map shown should default according to your building and floor account preferences. If not, please check your account preferences here. You can also change maps to different buildings/floors dependent on which resource you want to view/book.

The map will show live availability of all desks and meeting rooms using red and green indicators. 

At the top of the page you will be able to select a date and/or use the time slider to select a specific slot to check availability on the map and book your required resource. 

When you change the date or move the time slider the occupancy will update according to what is available or occupied.


To book, click on the desk or meeting room you require from the floor map and a side drawer will display giving you booking options.

For meeting rooms, you are able to quick book from 30 mins to 2 hours dependent on the availability of the resource. 

book a meeting room

You are also able to book later for any date and any time. Booking for later also enables you to add participants to the meeting invite, a subject and notes for the meeting as well as a video link before selecting the time for the booking by scrolling down.

Adding participants from your own company is easy and UMA should automatically find your colleagues once you start typing their name. For participants outside of your company, you'll need to type their email address.

book for later

For desks you can either book for a full day or half a day dependent on the policy that your admin has set. You can also click on a booked/occupied resource and book for later.

desk booking1

Once you have created a booking, it will appear in 'My Bookings' ('Manage' > 'My Bookings') for you to manage.

my bookings 2