Booking Report

As part of our continued focus to provide more reporting and data output from UMA, we have added a 'Booking Report'. This reporting data can be used for a number of different use cases.

The booking report can be used by any user with the 'Admin', 'Advanced Manager' or 'Manager' role.

The 'Booking Report' will generate a .CSV file of a list of users that have booked a resource in a building/floor using a specified date range. Once generated you will receive a notification email to let you know when your report is ready to be downloaded. A link will then be provided in the email to download the .CSV file to your device.

To run the report, navigate to the global print icon on the top row next to your account profile and click on 'Booking Report'.

trace report drop down

Once clicked, a pop up will display allowing you to choose a building, floor and a date range. The building field is mandatory and you can optionally drill down into a floor in that building as well.

The date range is limited to one month of data due to the amount of potential records that can be generated.

booking report pop up

Once you have selected your desired parameters, click on 'Generate' and you will be notified that your report is being generated and will be emailed once ready.

The .CSV file will show you the following columns:

  • Date and start time of the booking
  • User who booked the resource
  • The resource name that was booked
  • The resource type
  • Building/Floor where the resource is physically located

Once downloaded you will be able to manipulate the .CSV file data however you want. For instance, you could be interested in seeing a resources most utilised time frame to decide on the best time for scheduling in-room maintenance.