First Time Log In

Before logging into UMA Vision you will need to confirm your distributor has set up your account and confirmed a user within your company has been given rights to access the platform.

Log In-3

To log into UMA Vision, you will need to navigate to and click ‘Sign in with Office 365’. This will take you to a Microsoft authentication page where you will need to enter your O365 account to gain access. You will be prompted to consent to the 'UMA Vision' application within your Microsoft Azure tenant (as per the below image) so you will need an Azure admin to log in with their credentials here. Once the application has consented, you will be logged into UMA Vision.

Granting these permissions allows you & other users to use your Office365 credentials within UMA.

The UMA Vision application has the following Graph API permissions. This can be checked by looking at the application within 'Enterprise Applications' in Azure.

azure permissions-1

Azure Configuration

You or a Global Administrator will now need to login to Azure and locate UMA Vision under Enterprise Applications - All Applications - UMA Vision and select this Application.

Once Selected locate Security down the left hand side and look for Permissions, once on the Permissions page for the application UMA Vision you will see in the middle of the screen "Grant admin consent for YOUR ORG

Please select this button and this will grant admin consent for Microsoft Graph with the permissions listed below the grant button.

You have now completed the configuration within Microsoft Azure.

Company Settings

When you log in for the first time you will be directed straight to the company settings page.

Within your company settings page, you will need to configure different parameters before you’re allowed to proceed to the rest of UMA Vision.

Please click here to see detailed instructions on each of the settings.Comapny Settings-2

These settings can also be overridden at the building and device level (where applicable) should you need to make any granular changes.

Calendar Set up

The next step in setting up UMA is to connect your Office 365 environment to allow us to monitor & edit Calendar Resources, UMA offers two methods for this step, only one can be used at any time.

Delegate Access
Prior to setting up Delegate Access within the UMA Portal please refer to the instructions listed here.

Application Access
Using Application Access is much easier to set up and requires a Global Admin to consent to a few permissions when clicking connect, which then gives UMA access to all Calendars within your Organisation. Please note UMA will only subscribe to the Room / Desk Calendars that are mapped within your UMA Vision Platform.

Once you have decided on which method you prefer & have gone through the required setup, navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Integrations’ and click connect on the O365 integration card to connect the Delegate or Application account. A Microsoft authentication pop-up will appear. You will need to enter your account credentials here. 


For users opting to use the Delegate Account please ensure the password is configured NOT to expire otherwise integration into UMA will fail upon the next expiry.

Under whichever method you have chosen if successful you will see a green traffic icon followed by "Connected". Should you wish to remove this method highlight the access method and choose remove.