My Bookings

To manage bookings made within UMA or outside of UMA (from Outlook), 'My Bookings' 
('Manage' > 'My Bookings') gives you the ability to view, edit and cancel in a week by week view.

my bookings 3

My Bookings defaults to 'Today' and 'UMA only' bookings and shows all the bookings you have for the next week. Any historical bookings will be greyed out but still clearly shown.

Bookings appear in a card view under each day of the week and display the following (where applicable):

  • Time of Booking
  • Resource (desk/ meeting room)
  • Building and Floor of the Resource
  • Subject of Booking
  • Participants (for room bookings)
  • Status 

If your meeting room booking is in the current time then it will show as 'In Progress'. Any meeting room bookings that are happening later in the day will show as 'Upcoming'.

You are able to check into a desk booking one hour before it starts by clicking on the 'Check In Available' button. Once checked in, the status will change to 'Checked In'. Any missed check in's will be shown in your historical bookings with a 'Missed Check In' status.

If you want to view all your bookings from your calendar then you can toggle on 'Show All Bookings'. These bookings are pulled in from Office 365 including ones where you aren't the organiser. If you are the organiser of the booking you will be able to edit the booking directly from this page. If you are an attendee you will just be able to view the booking.

View Booking

If you are the attendee of a booking you should only be able to view the booking by clicking on the booking card as per the following image.

view booking

Edit/Cancel Booking

If you are the organiser of a booking you can edit your booking by clicking on the booking card or using the action items. When you click on your booking you should see your booking as per the following images.


edit booking


edit desk booking

Editing a booking is very similar to creating a booking. It uses the same user interface to keep the user experience the same. You will see 'Your Booking' and all editable fields to enable you to make any changes to your booking.

Below 'Your Booking' you should see additional available time slots which will change dependent on the 'From' and 'Duration' parameters set above. To update your booking simply make a change and press the 'Save' button. If you require a different time slot then 'Select' a new time from the 'Available Times' and press 'Save'.

You can also cancel your booking using the 'Cancel Booking' button.