Microsoft O365 Integration (Application Access)

Application Access Integration is our preferred method & allows UMA to book resources as the user performing this action, this allows the user the ability to then manage these bookings and cancel them from within Outlook if needed.

This method can also be followed if you are migrating away from Delegate Access & onto Application access.

Instructions showing how to Integrate UMA Vision using Delegate access can be found here

TIP: Delegate access can also be set up however the user does not then have the ability to cancel meetings as the meeting invite is sent from the account created which has full mailbox permissions to the resource mailbox.

TIP: Global Administrator rights required for the next steps

TIP: You cannot use both Application and Delegate Access into Office365

Integrating Office365 with UMA Vision

Integrating Office365 using Application Access is extremely easy & can be completed in a few easy steps detailed below

1, Login to UMA Vision using your Administrator Account

2, Navigate to Settings - Integrations & select Connect for the tile displaying Office365 Application

3, You will now be directed to Office365 where you must log in with an Office365 Global Administrator account.

4, Office365 will ask you as a Global Administrator to review the permissions the Enterprise Application "UMA Vision" is requesting, please review these and then select Accept.

Below are the Permissions UMA Vision requests when selecting Application Access

5, Navigate back to Settings - Integrations within UMA Vision and check you now see a connected status for the Office365 Application Access tile as seen below

Congratulations your Office365 tenant is now connected to UMA Vision using Application level access.

Please contact support if you experience any difficulties connecting Application Access.