Trace Report

To provide a safe return to work for employees we've introduced a feature that will put employers minds at ease.

If an employee tests positive for Covid-19 you can determine who came into contact with this person by running the trace report.

The trace report uses the following data to be used accurately:

  • Any meeting room bookings that the user was either the organiser or attendee of.
  • Any desk bookings that the user made.

Any meetings that the user attended remotely won't be excluded from this report.

With this data, it will provide the following in the report:

  • A list of users that were in the same meetings as the specified user.
  • A list of users that checked into a desk booking on the same floor as the specified users desk booking.

To start the trace report process you should see a global icon on the top bar as follows:

trace report drop down

Once clicked, select 'Contact Tracing Report' and then a pop up will display asking you to enter the users name and the date they were in the office. You are able to generate either a CSV and/or a PDF report with this information.

contact tracing popo up

Once the PDF has been generated it should look something like the example below:

A4 - 7 (1)The results generated show any users that could have come into contact with the specified user based on the above criteria.