UMA Vision Dashboard Overview

An overview of data and intelligence available on the UMA Vision Dashboard

UMA understands the importance of data-driven decision making for facilities and estate management, particularly today with the pressures of safe occupancy and new health and safety compliance, along with the changes relating to remote and flexible working that are transforming the workplace. 

UMA Vision is the platform that UMA Book and UMA Sense sensors connect to. Additional devices including workplace audio-visual equipment can connect to a centralised hub to provide a holistic view of the workplace. 

UMA’s Business Intelligence dashboards provide analytics relating to meeting room and desk booking, space occupancy vs capacity, environmental dashboard, sensor analytics and audio-visual equipment status and performance metrics. UMA provides standard reports but custom reporting from additional sensors or Azure and Office365 is also available to contrast data for actionable insight. Data can also be exported to Analytics tools such as Tableaux or PowerBI or even external FMS or BMS systems and external data from other APIs including public APIs can also be imported. 

Filtering the Dashboard

The UMA Vision Dashboard allows users to modify the data that appears on their dashboard by selecting the desired Building and Floor as well as filtering by date, room and desk at the top of the page.

Applying filters at the top of the page automatically applies them to each of the reports on the Dashboard. If wish to see a modified view of the report, remember to change the filters at the top of the page.