Web Desk Check In

Checking into a desk booking gives your colleagues and managers the visibility that you are coming into the office that day. It helps with understanding and predicting occupancy levels along with keeping the office safe and secure.

Open the UMA web application using your browser and navigate to 'My Bookings'. You should only be able to check into your desk booking an hour before it starts. When your desk booking is available to be checked in you should see the 'Check In Available' status.

My bookings

To check in to your desk booking simply click on the 'Check In Available' button or select 'Check In' from the action items in the row of your desk booking. A pop up will then appear to confirm your check in.

Check In Available

Check in to booking

Once checked in, the status of the booking should change to 'Checked In'.Check in confirme

You are now checked into your desk booking. This will give teammates and managers the insight that you are in the office.