Book a meeting room

To book a meeting room, navigate to my floor within the workspace group and use either the map or list view to identify the meeting room you want to book.

If you hover over the meeting room, you will see the following information:

  • The availability of the meeting room

  • The organiser of the meeting (if it's busy)

  • Any relevant description added by an admin

  • The number of people in the meeting room (if a sensor has been assigned)

The meeting room booking form has the following fields:

  • Subject - the subject of the meeting

  • Private meeting option - this hides the subject and organiser on the meeting room display

  • Add participants - allows you to add internal and external participants to the meeting

  • Start date / time - the time you want the meeting to start

  • End date / time - the time you want the meeting to finish

  • Description - a description of the meeting, this will be sent in the invite to any participants

  • Video meeting - you can add a Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex Teams or Zoom meeting link to your meeting invite

Alongside the above, UMA will suggest times based on your availability, the participants and the meeting room's availability.

Are you an UMA admin? Check out our meeting room scheduling policies here.

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