Your workspace


The workspace area is your central hub for efficiently managing and viewing your office space.

It offers a range of features designed to streamline your experience, including floor plan visualisation, desk and meeting room booking capabilities, visitor management, environmental data monitoring, and teammate location tracking through a powerful search function.

Floor plan visualisation

On the my floor page, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your office space from a floor by floor view. Navigate through floors, departments, and amenities effortlessly and understand building utilisation at a glance.

Stay informed about the environmental conditions in your workspace with real-time data.

Efficiently locate and connect with your colleagues within the office premises.

Calendar view

Every day employees and booking administrators such as Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) can enjoy a quick and comprehensive overview of each resource's bookings through a calendar view.

User Roles and Permissions

  • All users can view and book resources from the calendar view.

  • Relevant user roles can book, edit, and cancel bookings on behalf of others.

  • Meeting Rooms:

    • Admins/Advanced Managers: Can view meeting subject and organiser.

    • Users/Hidden Users/Managers: Busy slots show as 'busy'.

  • Desks and Parking Spaces: Organiser details visible to all user roles.

Microsoft 365 only - If you are seeing the meeting organiser instead of the subject then you will need to follow the guide here.

Booking resources

Effortlessly reserve desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and any other resources to ensure a seamless workflow for your team.

Managing meetings and bookings

Review, modify, or cancel your existing meetings / bookings and keep track of your reservation history for future reference.

Follow the guide here to find out more.

Visitor management

Visitor Management was created to give hosts and visitors a seamless and safe experience when visiting your office space.

To find out how to set this up for your organisation, click here.

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