Integration overview

Pressac partners with UMA to create intelligent workplaces

Enabling organisations to monitor real-time workspace occupancy and environmental conditions, improving user experiences and helping reduce operational costs and carbon footprint.

Smart-building sensor manufacturer Pressac Communication has entered a partnership with workplace intelligence software provider UMA, to provide integrated technology which transforms workplaces into super-intelligent, highly responsive spaces.

The combination of Pressacโ€™s smart sensors with UMAโ€™s leading-edge software allows businesses to monitor real-time workspace utilisation and capture environmental insights to create a more efficient, safer and sustainable working environment.

Pressacโ€™s smart sensors use advanced wireless technology, which allows them to be kept separate from an organisationโ€™s IT network. This makes them easy to install and integrate real-time data straight into UMAโ€™s software. Their ultra-low power consumption means they need minimal maintenance, with batteries typically lasting over five years.

Getting started

UMA is able to ingest sensor data from any Pressac IoT device provided that your gateway is sending the sensor payloads to UMA's MQTT server.

To understand more about Pressac's IoT sensors click here.

UMA supports the following Pressac sensors out of the box:

Desk occupancy sensor

Room occupancy sensor

Co2, temperature and humidity sensor

Current monitoring sensor

Pulse counter

Firewall rules

To check relevant Pressac firewall rules click here.

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