v2.9.5 - 7th September 2022

⬇ User, Resource and Device Filters

An improvement to the user, resource and device management pages to allow you to filter down to what you need to see quickly.

The device and resource page will also default to the building and floor from your preferences allowing you to quickly view data related to your preferred location.

⬇ Nested UMA Applications

An improvement to the way we handle and visualise UMA applications that are assigned to an 'UMA Display Panel' or 'Cisco Webex Navigator'.

Any application (book/count/visitor) assigned to one of these parent devices (hardware) will automatically be nested under its parent device on the device management page.

✏ Edit Resource from the Floor Map

An update to the Floor Map page which has now changed the setting 'Assign Resources' to 'Edit Map'.

As part of this change you can now edit a resource directly from the resource table or by clicking on a resource on the map (while 'Edit Map' is turned on).

❌ Desk Release Improvements

An update to the desk release field to allow you to enter in a time duration between 5 minutes and 12 hours to create more flexibility for companies looking to use this feature.

To use this feature going forward, use the following format: 1h 30m

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