Check in application


Eliminate the complexities associated with booking desks and meeting rooms.

Through a straightforward process, users can secure their desired space instantly by scanning a QR codeβ€”anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, our application includes a seamless 'check-in' feature upon arrival, ensuring an optimal utilisation of workspace.

This application utilises a mobile phone browser to allow you book or check into desk or meeting room bookings.

If you want to set up your QR codes on an E-ink display you can use the following device:

Milesight DS3604 setup

How to use the application

In order to use the application, first you need to print QR codes or use the Milesight DS3604 device to display QR codes.

To print a QR code follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to manage and resources.

  2. Click on the ellipsis for the desk or meeting room you would like to print.

  3. Click on QR code.

  4. Click print or save the file to your desktop to edit and scale manually.

  5. Physically assign the QR code to a space in your office.

Once you have assigned your QR code to a space you can scan the QR code to book or check into the space.

Once scanned you will see the availability of the resource as below:

If you are booking the resource on the spot you will immediately be checked in.

If you have already booked the resource you will be able to check in.

You can only check into a booking where you are the organiser.

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