v1.6.1 - 6th May 2021

UI Improvements

A number of UI improvements have been made to the mobile application including a re-design of the home page to bring in line with the our latest brand styles.

Book via Map

We have added the ability to book desks or meeting rooms via a map view of their company's floor plan. Users will be able to select 'Book via Map' and be presented with a floor plan view of the floor they've chosen as default in their account profile. Within this view users can filter between different buildings and floors within their company should they need to, to find a resource to book. Users will be able to see live availability of resources based on how they're highlighted on the map. If a user clicks on a desk or meeting room they will be able to book the space at a date or time of their choosing.

Add a Participant / Subject / Notes

The following fields have been added to the Floor Map booking page for meeting room bookings:

  • Add Participants

  • Subject

  • Notes

With 'Add Participants' you are able to quickly search for internal participants within your company to add to the meeting. You are also able to invite external participants by adding their email address.

The subject and notes are self explanatory but gives the booking a name and a way for users to add any details about the booking such as an agenda or conference details.

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