v2.9.7 - 12th October 2022

📍 Zone Heatmap / Updated Legend

Just like with our office map application, you can now quickly understand occupancy levels by zone or floor by clicking 'Zone View' within the Workspace page. The heatmap will show occupancy levels using traffic light colours.

We've also updated the legend at the bottom of the map to help you understand the different occupancy statuses.

🌍 Support for Spanish, German and Dutch languages.

UMA Vision now has support for Spanish, German and Dutch languages. To change your default language, navigate to your user preferences.

⚙ Updated Cisco Device Library

We have added the following Cisco Webex devices to our device library:

  • Cisco Webex Desk Camera 4K

  • Cisco Webex Desk Mini

  • Cisco Webex Board Pro

  • Cisco Webex Room Bar

  • Cisco 320

  • Cisco 521

  • Cisco 522

  • Cisco 531

  • Cisco 532

  • Cisco 561

  • Cisco 562

  • Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980

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