Mimo firmware upgrade

If your Mimo 10" display is currently running the following firmware it will no longer be compatible with the UMA booking .apk from v1.7.2.


To upgrade the firmware of your Mimo panel you will need the following:

  • Windows PC

  • USB type-A to micro USB cable

Follow the below steps to proceed:

  1. Install the following software on your Windows PC:

Driver Assistant

Android Tool Release

  1. Download the new Mimo firmware here.

  2. Open the Driver Assistant software and install the driver.

  3. Open the Android Tool software.

  4. Connect the panel to your Windows PC using the USB cable.

  5. Turn the device on and after a few seconds you should get the Windows [device connected beep] and β€œFound one ADB Device” text in the bottom of the Android Tool software.

  6. Within the Android Tool software, click on the firmware button and select the downloaded firmware from your PC.

  7. Click the switch button and after some moments it should now show "Found one Loader Device" at the bottom of the Android Tool software.

  8. Click the upgrade button to begin the update.

  9. Once updated you will need to re-pair the UMA application.

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