Desk booking policies

UMA has a number of desk booking policies that can be implemented to control your hybrid working environment for your employees.

Desk release

This setting is used to automatically cancel desk bookings that a user hasn't checked into after a configurable period of time after the start of the booking.

To configure, use the following format: 1h 30m

Desk booking threshold

This setting is used to restrict users from booking desks too far in advance.

Enter in a numerical digit and select days, weeks or months from the drop down to create a restriction for desk bookings in the future.

Half day bookings

This setting is used to enable morning and afternoon slots for desk bookings.

This setting uses the working hours in booking policies to determine the AM start time and PM end time.

To configure the AM end time and PM start time just enter in the desired time value in each of the fields.

For example, if your working hours are 9am - 5:30pm and you want to enable a morning slot for 9am - 12pm and an afternoon slot for 12:30pm - 5:30pm just enter 12pm as the AM end time and 12:30pm as the PM start time.

Multiple day bookings

This setting is used to allow employees to book the same desk for multiple days in the future.

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