Integration overview

We're thrilled to show you an exciting integration with our esteemed sensor partner, Milesight.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement in our IoT capabilities, as we join forces with one of the foremost manufacturers in the global IoT industry.

With this integration, you have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Milesight sensors into the UMA platform, allowing for comprehensive insights into both occupancy patterns and the environmental conditions within your building.

To find out more about Milesight’s IoT range click here.

Getting started

We support two types of Milesight sensors - LoRaWAN and network based PoE sensors.

UMA is able to ingest sensor data from any Milesight IoT device provided that your device, gateway or network server is sending the sensor payloads to UMA's MQTT server.

A LoRaWAN sensor is generally wireless whereas a PoE sensor will require a connection to your network for power and data.

LoRaWAN sensors

LoRaWAN sensors are employed in cases where real-time information isn't crucial, and a data synchronisation every 20 minutes (as an example) suffices. These types of sensors are as follows:

  • Desk sensors

  • Environmental sensors

  • Energy sensors

If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing a Milesight LoRaWAN sensor, you will need a gateway to establish a connection from the sensor to our servers.

We recommend the following gateways as they have built in LoRa network servers:

Milesight UG65

Milesight UG63

If you already have access to your own LoRaWAN network server, you just need create a connection to UMA's MQTT server.

For LoRa network scoping, speak with our pre sales team.

PoE sensors

Network based PoE sensors are used where real-time information is crucial such as a people counting sensor.

We support the following Milesight PoE people counting sensors:

Milesight VS121

Milesight VS133

Firewall rules

To check relevant Milesight firewall rules click here.

LoRaWAN explained

  • End Devices - sensors or actuators send LoRa modulated wireless messages to the gateways or receive messages wirelessly back from the gateways.

  • Gateways - receive messages from end devices and forward them to the Network Server (if the network server is not built into the gateway)

  • Network Server - a piece of software running on a server that manages the entire network. This can be built into a gateway.

  • Application servers - this is UMA.

For more information, visit here.

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