v2.5.0 - 22nd September 2021

Floor Map - View Other User's Bookings

You can now view other user's bookings on the 'Floor Map' page by simply hovering over an occupied desk. This will come in handy to find out when your colleagues are in the office, and where they are located.

Time Zone Preference Improvements

UMA will now detect if you're logging in from a different time zone to your regional preferences. If it detects that you're located in a different time zone it will prompt you to change your user preferences to your current time zone. This will enable you to book resources in the correct time zone.

Alongside this, if you navigate to the floor map and choose a building that's located in a different time zone, it will notify you that you're booking in that building's time zone.

12 Hour Format for Working Hours and Half Day Bookings

We have added support for 12 hour time format within the Company and Building settings. This has been added to the working hours and half day bookings settings. Dependent on whether you have selected 12 or 24 hour format within the company or building settings, it will change the format for both these settings.

As part of this update we have also changed the fields for both these settings to drop down fields rather than plain text fields. We've also changed the 'minute' (MM) field to only allow a 0, 15, 30 or 45 for both these settings.

Admins will also now be able to set their 'AM End Time' and 'PM Start Time' to the same time going forward.

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