This integration allows users to securely log in with their Okta credentials, streamlining the authentication process while ensuring the highest level of security.

  • Okta authentication: Users can now utilise their Okta credentials for a secure and quick login experience.

  • Enhanced security: Leveraging Okta's robust security framework, we ensure your data stays protected at all times.

This integration simplifies the login process, significantly enhances security, and ensures a seamless user experience.

Supported Features:

  • Service Provider Initiated (SP-initiated) SSO via UMA

  • Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-initiated) SSO via Okta

To get started you will need an Okta account with administrator access.

Follow the below steps to connect Okta:

  1. Log into your Okta account as an administrator and browse the app catalog for the UMA app.

  2. Add the UMA app to your Okta account.

  3. Add the relevant Okta users to the UMA application.

  4. In the top right hand corner of your Okta account, click on your profile and copy the Okta URL for your account.

  5. Navigate to the UMA app in your Okta account and copy the Client ID and Client Secret somewhere safe.

  6. Log into your UMA account as an administrator and navigate to the Integrations page.

  7. Enable the Okta integration and paste the Okta URL, Client ID and Client Secret in to the relevant fields.

Ensure that the Okta URL includes https:// at the beginning of the URL

Once connected you can now log out and log back in using Okta authentication using the following URL - https://vision.meetuma.ai

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