Booking Panel Application


The meeting room display, located outside meeting rooms, allows seamless impromptu bookings and real-time availability checks.

Reserve a meeting space effortlessly with a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for complex booking systems.

Gain comprehensive insights, including occupancy details, to ensure the room suits your needs for a productive meeting.

Access valuable environmental data, from lighting to temperature, for a comfortable and effective meeting experience.

UMA's booking application is hardware agnostic and can be installed on any Android or web based device but we recommend the following devices.




Android 6.0 and above



Android 8.0 and above

Cisco Webex







Room Panel


Pairing the application

  1. Open the UMA booking application by opening the Android .apk or visiting

  2. Navigate to add a device and choose a resource to pair the application with.

  3. Use the unique pairing code to pair the application with the resource.

  4. Once you've entered the pairing code, the application will sync with the relevant resource.

You can also pair an application already set up within UMA.

Click on the device ellipsis and click pair.

Display settings

You can configure the following settings after pairing the application:

  • Sensor data - displays environmental data such as temperature, humidity, co2 and air quality.

  • Light / dark mode

  • Live occupancy - displays the number of people currently in the meeting room.

  • Book by user - allows users to book using their own O365 or Google account.

  • Allow booking - enable or disable booking from the panel.

  • Allow anonymous bookings - enable or disable anonymous bookings from the panel. if disabled you will only be able to use your account to book.

How to use the panel

In the room booking application, you can swiftly check both present and upcoming meetings. To make a reservation, you have two options: an immediate booking or scheduling for a later time using your personal account.

Opting for the "Book Now" button instantly secures a meeting slot, creating an anonymous booking from the current time. Alternatively, utilise the room availability slider to select a suitable time for a future meeting.

The panel's sidebar provides additional valuable details:

  • Current occupancy

  • Current temperature

  • Current humidity levels

  • Current CO2 levels

  • Current air quality (TVOC/VOC)

During an ongoing meeting, a countdown timer will display, indicating the remaining duration of the meeting.

Meeting room check in

Navigate to company settings or building settings (depending on your administrative role).

Under booking policies, locate the meeting room check in option and toggle it on or off according to your preference.

If meeting room check in is turned on, a new field will appear to configure the check in window prior to the meeting starting.

When meeting room check in is turned on, a new configuration option will be available to specify how long before a meeting starts that someone can check in.

This configuration is represented by a free-text field where you can input the desired number of minutes.

The default check-in time is set to 5 minutes, with a maximum allowable duration of 60 minutes. Additionally, users have the flexibility to check in even after the meeting has commenced.

The check-in status is now included in the booking report under a dedicated check-in column.

This column provides a quick overview of which bookings have been checked in, offering valuable insights into meeting room utilisation.

Extend meetings

You can extend your meeting directly from the room booking panel.

Users will see an extend button next to the current meeting on the booking panel if it is possible to extend that specific meeting.

The extension functionality is configured to align with the book now duration setting in company/building settings. This setting determines the increment slot length for meeting extensions.


UMA allows you to customise the branding of the booking panel.

The branding logo and colours can be configured here.

Application background image

To upload a custom image to your booking panel or visitor management application navigate to company settings and upload a theme image and preview before deploying.

Your image file type must be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .webp and 1920px x 1200px for best resolution.

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