v2.10.9 - 12th October 2023

Milesight IoT Integration

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting new integration with our esteemed sensor partner, Milesight.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement in our IoT capabilities, as we join forces with one of the foremost manufacturers in the global IoT industry.

With this integration, you now have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Milesight sensors into the UMA platform, allowing for comprehensive insights into both occupancy patterns and the environmental conditions within your building.

To find out more about Milesight’s IoT range click here.

Energy Monitoring Sensors

In response to your evolving needs, we've enriched our device catalog with the inclusion of several cutting-edge energy monitoring solutions:

  • Cisco Meraki MT40

  • Pressac Current Monitoring Sensor

  • Pressac Pulse Counter

By combining the data generated by these sensors with the analytical power of our insights dashboard, you'll gain an insightful, granular understanding of your energy consumption. This visibility extends to both meter-level and device-level usage patterns.

Temperature Preference

Your comfort and convenience are paramount to us.

To that end, we've implemented a temperature preference feature. You now have the flexibility to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, ensuring that you're viewing sensor data in a format that suits you best. Additionally, your chosen preference will be saved for future sessions.

You can find this setting in your user preferences.

Insights Update

Our latest update includes the integration of three new tabs within the insights dashboard:

  • Ambient Noise

  • Sound Level

  • Energy

These tabs empower you to closely monitor crucial data points sourced from IoT sensors, both within the Insights dashboard and the device insights page.

To streamline your experience, we've also made the new table view the default option, facilitating effortless navigation through extensive sensor data.

Booking Report Update

Our commitment to providing comprehensive, actionable insights is reflected in a substantial upgrade to the booking report feature.

Designed to empower managers and data analysts, this update furnishes an even broader spectrum of data points, including:

  • Number of attendees (invited)

  • Number of attendees (accepted)

  • Number of attendees (tentative)

  • Number of attendees (declined)

  • Meeting Type (Planned or ad hoc)

  • Average temperature (during booking time period)

  • Average air quality (during booking time period)

  • Average humidity (during booking time period)

  • Average CO2 levels (during booking time period)

  • Average PM levels (during booking time period)

  • Average occupancy (during booking time period)

  • Maximum occupancy (during booking time period)

  • Average sound level (during booking time period)

  • Average ambient noise (during booking time period)

  • Energy consumption (during booking time period)

Booking Web App - Occupancy Logic Improvement

In our ongoing pursuit of enhancing user experience, we've implemented a logic improvement in the booking web application.

Now, when a people count sensor is seamlessly integrated with a room in UMA, the application will dynamically update to display 'Room Occupied' rather than 'Room Available' upon detecting the presence of individuals within the room. This refinement ensures that the displayed information accurately reflects the real-time availability status of the room.