People count application


This application is designed to effectively manage and monitor occupancy levels in a given area. It is equipped with integrated people count sensors, ensuring precise and up-to-date occupancy counts. This data is then displayed on signage hardware to provide real-time information about the current occupancy versus the designated capacity of the space.

UMA's people count application is accessible through any web browser on various devices or displays, offering flexibility and convenience in showcasing space availability across a building.

Additionally, users have the option to customise the occupancy display with their company logo and relevant text, providing clarity to individuals regarding the purpose of occupancy tracking in a particular space.

Pairing the application

  1. Open the UMA people count application by visiting

  2. Navigate to add a device and choose a resource to pair the application with.

  3. Use the unique pairing code to pair the application with the resource.

  4. Once you've entered the pairing code, the application will sync with the relevant resource.

You can only assign this application to a zone.

You can also pair an application already set up within UMA.

Click on the device ellipsis and click pair.

How to use the application

Open the application on your device or access it through a web browser.

If not integrated out of the box, follow the provided guidelines to connect and calibrate the people count sensors. Ensure they are functioning correctly to provide accurate occupancy data.

Use the application to manage safe entry into a space by displaying occupancy versus capacity data on the designated signage hardware. This helps individuals know if they can enter a space safely without exceeding its capacity.

Observe the indicators to quickly determine if a space is over capacity. These visual cues help maintain safe occupancy levels.

If desired, personalise the occupancy display by adding your company logo and relevant text. This helps communicate the purpose of occupancy tracking to individuals in the space.

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