Office map application


Visualise your office floorplan on a sleek touch screen in your reception or common area. Effortlessly navigate through your office layout, locate colleagues, meeting rooms, and resources.

Instantly identify available workspaces, plan your day with precision. Reserve a space with a few taps - no more tedious booking systems.

Gain insights into environmental conditions for optimal workspace selection, aligning with your work style and preferences.

This application can run on any device with a web browser, however, map rendering will require enough processing power to display resource availability.

Speak to our sales team for hardware recommendations to display the office map application.

Pairing the application

  1. Open the UMA office map application by visiting

  2. Navigate to add a device and choose a resource to pair the application with.

  3. Use the unique pairing code to pair the application with the resource.

  4. Once you've entered the pairing code, the application will sync with the relevant resource.

You can only assign this application to a zone.

You can also pair an application already set up within UMA.

Click on the device ellipsis and click pair.

Display settings

You can configure the following settings after pairing the application:

  • Default view - allows you to choose between zones and rooms/desks.

  • Light / dark mode

  • Fullscreen mode

  • Allow booking - enable / disable ad hoc bookings from this application.

How to use the application

Access the sleek touch screen displaying your office floorplan in the reception or common area.

Navigate through your office layout effortlessly using touch gestures like swiping, zooming, and tapping.

Locate meeting rooms or workspaces by tapping on the corresponding icons or areas on the floorplan for detailed information.

Get real-time updates on workspace availability, clearly indicated on the floorplan.

Plan your day with precision using instant availability information. Select the workspace that best suits your needs and schedule.

Booking a workspace is quick and easy. Select your desired space and follow prompts to confirm your reservation with a few taps.

Gain insights into environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and air quality (TVOC/VOC).


UMA allows you to customise the branding of the office map application.

The branding logo can be configured here.

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