v2.9.9 - 16th November 2022

Parking & UX improvements. You've Asked & We've Listened

Parking Preferences Update

We have now added 'Car Details' to your preferences page. Be sure to add your vehicle to your preferences to make parking space booking a simpler and quicker process.

Hide and Show Occupancy

Wow! More screen real estate!

You can now hide and show the occupancy menu on the map within the 'My Floor' workspace, giving you the ability to make the map view even larger.

Assign Any Resource

We think it should be the customers choice which resources are bookable. This is why you can now book anything from your favourite chair or even your favourite plant!

Just select 'Other Resource' in the drop-down menu when adding your resources.

Other Helpful UX Improvements

You can now remove the filters on the 'Occupancy Insights Dashboard' to allow a more global insight of your building, simply click on the X buttons to remove building and/or floor.

We've added live animations to the 'Insight Cards' to give a quick an easier overview of the people occupying your spaces.

When there are no desk/room resources present the toggle in our office map preferences will default to zones view.

Last but not least we have removed the 'Floor' label if the label already has the word present.

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