v2.8.7 - 18th March 2022

🖥️ UMA Booking Application

We're excited to finally release our new booking panel application!

When released, just open book.meetuma.ai on any web based browser and you'll be able to create meeting room signage on any piece of hardware...including the new Cisco Webex Navigator!

As part of this release, the Android booking panel application has been converted to the UMA Booking Application as well. This application type covers both the Web and Android version.

The UMA Booking Application can be paired via Web or Android by following the steps here.

🔌 Cisco Webex Navigator Integration

UMA now supports the Cisco Webex Navigator display panel. The new UMA Booking Application can be displayed on the Navigator and displays occupancy and environmental data based on the Webex device in the meeting room. To get started, follow our Cisco Webex integration guide here and the UMA Booking Application guide here.

🌳 UMA Booking Application - Environmental Data

The UMA Booking Application now displays environmental data based on IoT or Cisco Webex sensor data. Simply install an 'UMA Environmental Sensor' or Cisco Webex video device (that supports environmental data) and add this device to the same resource as your UMA Booking Application.

To add an environmental sensor follow the steps in the article here. To add a Cisco Webex device follow the steps in the article here.

📅 UMA Booking Application - Additional Time Slots

We have added the option to book additional slots throughout the day by clicking on 'Book Now' or 'Reserve'.

These booking slots are based on working hours that are set within Company or Building Settings.

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