v2.8.8 - 5th April 2022

⚙️ Azure Active Directory Sync

You can now sync, control and manage your users in UMA from Active Directory.

To help manage your user base in UMA we understand that Active Directory is generally the source of truth for most applications to sync with.

With this in mind we've rapidly developed something we felt was missing in our platform to assist our customers with onboarding and to help cut down on admin time.

To save time adding users to UMA you can now use the sync toggle to add all your users based on groups in AD.

To get started follow the integration guide here.

📊 IoT Device Improvements

We're making live IoT sensor data look a lot cooler now!

You can now see visually appealing live data cards for UMA IoT sensors within the device information.

Data cards will not only give you the current live information but also tell you what that data means, giving you actionable insight.

Data cards have been created for the following:

  • Occupancy

  • Battery Life

  • Signal to Gateway

  • Temperature

  • Co2

  • Humidity

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