Milesight DS3604 setup

To get started use the Milesight Toolbox application to turn on the device.

For more information on initial configuration, follow Milesight's guide here.

Once your device is on, you will need to upload a custom template to allow the device to work with our platform.

The custom template can be found here.

Ensure that the template has been added to Template 1.

From there, you are able to customise this template if you wish, as long as the module ID of the resource name and QR code stay as follows:

  • Resource Name - Module 1

  • QR Code - Module 3

Each template has metadata components with a module ID for each component. If you press on each component on the template it will show you a number.

If you change the module ID's for this metadata, the device will not work with our platform.

Finally, follow the initial guide here to add your Milesight DS3604 LoRaWAN device to UMA.

Once you have added this device to a resource, the device will automatically update its resource name and QR code and you can use the check in application.

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