Pressac configuration

Gateway setup

This guide assumes you’ve already connected your gateway to either an Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE network.

If you haven't, follow the manufacturers set up guide below:

Log in to the gateway via a web interface and navigate to connections and MQTT and enter in the following details:

  • Default Client ID: {gateway name}

  • Root Topic: umavision

  • Device Identifier: Device ID

  • Included Data: Tick All

  • MQTT Connection Name: UMA Vision

  • Client ID: Use Default

Unsure about UMA's MQTT server details? Click here.

Add a device to UMA

To add a Pressac IoT sensor to UMA, you will need the Device ID which can be obtained either locally on the sensor or from the Pressac gateway. Use the Device ID as the UMA ID.

When adding a Pressac device in UMA, click on add device and then use the UMA card to find the device you want to add.

After some minutes, the device will come online and you will start recording the data coming from the sensor.

Optionally, you can allow any Pressac occupancy sensor to auto book or cancel a meeting booking by configuring the device settings.

Repeater setup

Repeaters are used to boost the signal to allow sensors to connect to the gateway without adding an additional gateway.

Follow the manufacturers set up guide here:

Sensor installation guides

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