v3.0.5 - 18th April 2024

Building appearance settings

Admins can now configure the appearance settings specific to their buildings.

This new feature enables a higher degree of customisation by allowing different branding elements such as colour schemes, logos, and background images to be applied to the booking panel, visitor management, office map, and count application for each building.

These building-specific settings will override the global company settings, providing unique branding opportunities for each location.

New user lookup integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

In our latest update, we've streamlined the user lookup process for booking web app panels, making it even easier for admins and users alike.

Now, you can directly search for users from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace without the need for pre-adding them to the UMA portal. This is a significant enhancement for customers who mainly utilise our booking panels and wish to avoid the cumbersome process of managing user additions manually.

To facilitate this, we've introduced a new option within the company settings.

Admins can now select their preferred user lookup source, choosing between 'UMA' users or 'Calendar' users from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. By default, this setting is configured to 'UMA' users, ensuring continuity for existing setups while offering flexibility for those looking to leverage their existing user base in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

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