v2.9.0 - 5th May 2022

πŸ“ˆ Occupancy Insights

Understanding how many people are utilising your office can be a difficult problem to have when you have no way of capturing that data.

With this in mind, we have created a dashboard to provide live and historical insights based on the number of people in your building as a whole or by floor, zone or meeting room.

By utilising UMA's software combined with hardware by Cisco, Jabra and now Irisys you can deploy GDPR compliant sensors that can detect the number of people in any space at any given time.

By simply installing a sensor at the entrance of your building you can understand in real time the exact amount of people working in your office at any one time.

Over time you can start to see trends and even forward predict and make actionable insight based on this data.

To get started with our occupancy insights dashboard, follow the guide here.

πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Occupancy Count Application

Alongside our insights dashboard we've created a new digital signage application to support the counting of people in any area.

To help employees understand occupancy in certain areas, this signage application can be used to display the current occupancy vs capacity alongside your corporate branding and informative text about the area.

To improve the employee experience in your building, signage can be displayed throughout an office to help with navigation to certain areas based on real time occupancy levels.

To get started, simply navigate to count.meetuma.ai and pair your application using the steps highlighted in the guide here.

πŸ‘€ Monitor ANY Network Device - Improvements

You've been able to monitor any network based hardware in UMA for a while now but we've added some improvements into this release to simplify the process.

If you have an 'UMA Collector' deployed on your network you can now add any device the collector finds by its ID in UMA.

To get started, add an 'UMA Collector Device' within the devices page.

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