User sync

Getting Started

User sync provides administrators with the ability to control and manage all UMA users from within Microsoft 365.

Users can be assigned to a specific group in Microsoft 365 which matches their role in UMA. For more information on roles click here.

Please note, syncing will fail until all required groups have been created and at least one user has been added to the 'Admin' group.

To get started, create groups in Microsoft 365 with the following names:

  • UMA Admin

  • UMA Advanced Manager

  • UMA Manager

  • UMA Hidden User

  • UMA User

Make sure that 'only invited users' is selected when you create the groups.

Then assign users as members to each group based on the role required.

Next, navigate to 'Company Settings' in UMA and under 'User Settings' toggle on 'User Sync' and hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

The initial sync is completed immediately and if the above steps have been completed successfully you should see all your users in the 'Manage' -> 'Users' section within a few minutes.

All existing users within UMA that haven't been added to a group will be made inactive after a successful sync.

All existing users in UMA that have been added to a group will stay active.

All users that have synced from Microsoft 365 will be automatically created as active users.

User Management

After user sync has been turned on and successfully synced it will now check for any changes periodically and replicate in UMA.

If you add or remove a member from an Microsoft 365 group it will automatically sync with UMA periodically.

If you remove a member from a group they will be made 'inactive' and won't be able to login to UMA.

If you add a user to more than one group they will be given the lowest permissions.

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