Integration overview

UMA's advanced intelligent meeting room software, seamlessly fused with state-of-the-art Irisys occupancy sensor technology, offers a cutting-edge solution that revolutionises the way businesses interact with their workspace environment.

The Irisys occupancy sensors, equipped with highly sensitive and precision-driven detection capabilities, provide granular insights into real-time occupancy patterns within meeting spaces. These sensors utilize advanced algorithms to detect and analyze the presence and movement of individuals, offering a nuanced understanding of how these spaces are utilized over time.

UMA's software acts as the central hub, intelligently processing the data gleaned from the Irisys sensors. This powerful platform employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to transform raw occupancy data into actionable insights. These insights encompass a wide array of metrics, including peak utilization times, average meeting durations, and patterns of room occupancy. Moreover, UMA's software can be customied to generate detailed reports and visualizations, allowing facility managers and decision-makers to make data-driven decisions for optimizing their building's layout and resources.

Getting started

UMA integrates with the Irisys Vector 4D people counting sensor.

UMA ingests Irisys' people count data by configuring the sensor to send data to UMA's MQTT server.

Unsure about UMA's MQTT server details? Click here.

Firewall rules

To check relevant Irisys firewall rules click here.

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