v2.10.6 - 25th July 2023

Visitor Management Updates

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Visitor Management solution!

We've been hard at work, listening to your valuable feedback and striving to make your experience even more seamless and efficient.

Ad Hoc Visitors

Gone are the days of cumbersome visitor pre-registration! With our updated kiosk, visitors can now check in without being invited. Whether it's a surprise client meeting, an impromptu interview, or a last-minute VIP guest, our enhanced kiosk offers a new level of flexibility.

āœ“ Instant Registration: Visitors can effortlessly check in directly from the kiosk interface without being pre-registered. āœ“ Streamlined Notifications: Automatic alerts are sent to the host, guaranteeing they're always informed of their guest's arrival.

Employee Check-In/Check-Out

Why stop at managing visitors? We understand the importance of seamless employee attendance tracking, and that's why we've integrated an employee check-in / check-out solution into our kiosk!

šŸ• Real-Time Monitoring: Gain instant visibility into employee presence from the visitor / employee log. šŸ“ˆ Data-Driven Insights: Leverage comprehensive reports to understand visitor or employee attendance in your building.

As always, you can turn this feature on or off within your visitor management settings.

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