1.7.0 - 3rd August 2023

Room Availability Slider

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature for our booking panel application - the Room Availability Slider!

Experience a whole new level of visibility with our interactive slider and easily see the availability of rooms throughout the day at a glance.

Get a real-time, color-coded representation of room availability, making it effortless to identify free slots in just seconds.

To book any free slot just tap on the time on the slider to open up a form where you can book anonymously or using your account.

โ€˜Book Nowโ€™ Changes

After much feedback we have changed the way the โ€˜Book Nowโ€™ button behaves.

Going forward when you press โ€˜Book Nowโ€™ it will immediately book the room anonymously from the current time.

It will still use the โ€˜Book Now Durationโ€™ in company or building settings to determine the default booking length for these types of bookings.

Meeting Countdown

We have incorporated a real-time countdown timer that appears during a meeting to communicate the remaining duration of the current session. This feature enables individuals to make better use of the space available by staying informed about the time left.

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