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UMA applications

UMA offers a suite of applications that are compatible with any web-based browser. The booking application, however, is also available as a native Android app.

Each application can be found on it's own secure URL which requires a pairing code only found within UMA Vision.

Here's a list of all UMA applications:

To pair any UMA application, navigate to any of the URL's above and copy and paste the pairing code when you're creating the device.

To find out more, click here.

IoT devices

UMA supports an array of IoT devices with both HTTP and MQTT connectivity.

The following vendors are supported out of the box but we also can work with custom integrations. If you need to speak with us about an integration then email us at

To add any of the above devices, follow our guide here.

Webex devices

By leveraging the capabilities of Cisco Webex in conjunction with UMA, organisations can access a cutting-edge technology solution that is optimised for the future of work. As a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner, UMA specialises in designing and implementing workplace technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with Cisco's offerings.

With the integration of Cisco Webex and UMA, organisations can synchronise their Webex devices with UMA’s platform to effectively manage and track meeting room utilisation and indoor air quality in their buildings. Additionally, organisations can utilise UMA’s room booking, office map and visitor-management applications on the latest Webex hardware, as well as visualise Webex room analytics data on a map view of their office.

To get started, follow the guide here.

Meraki devices

UMA's integration with Cisco Meraki lets you leverage the latest technologies to optimise your office environment.

Additionally, you can view analytics data on a dashboard or map of your office, enabling you to make informed decisions on how to best allocate resources.

Tracking meeting room utilisation and air quality of your office space can help you understand the usage patterns of your employees in the workplace and allow you to make informed decisions on how to optimise the office environment.

This can save time, money and energy by analysing how to best allocate resources, as well as improve air quality and circulation. Additionally, monitoring air quality will help you ensure your office remains up to date with the latest health and safety regulations.

To get started, follow the guide here.

Jabra devices

UMA have partnered with leading audio-visual technology specialists Jabra.

Jabra Panacast devices can now be monitored and managed by UMA.

The Jabra + UMA solution enables the Panacast cameras to accurately people-count, providing valuable occupancy and utilisation data metrics.

To get started, follow the guide here.

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