v3.0.0 - 21st November 2023

Application Background Image

Introducing a highly requested feature for administrators.

With this release, you can now seamlessly customise the appearance of both booking and visitor management applications by uploading a background image.

Please note that currently this is just for the web version of the UMA booking application.

Out of the box with this feature, a generic background image will be used as default.

How to Use:

  1. Navigate to company settings.

  2. Find appearance.

  3. Locate the new theme image feature.

  4. Click on the file upload button to choose and upload your desired background image.

  5. The system will automatically apply transparency to the image.

  6. Utilise the preview option to see how the image will look.

  7. Once satisfied, click save to make the background image live in both the booking and visitor management applications.

Please ensure that the uploaded image meets the system's requirements for format and size to guarantee optimal performance.

Room Booking Check In

You can now check into your room booking via the room booking panel!

Please note that currently this is just for the web version of the UMA booking application.

As an administrator you now have the option to enable or disable the meeting room check in feature. This setting is accessible in both company and building settings under booking policies.

By default, this setting is turned off.

When meeting room check in is turned on, a new configuration option will be available to specify how long before a meeting starts that someone can check in.

This configuration is represented by a free-text field where you can input the desired number of minutes.

The default check-in time is set to 5 minutes, with a maximum allowable duration of 60 minutes. Additionally, users have the flexibility to check in even after the meeting has commenced.

The check-in status is now included in the booking report under a dedicated check-in column.

This column provides a quick overview of which bookings have been checked in, offering valuable insights into meeting room utilisation.

How to Use:

  1. Navigate to company settings or building settings (depending on your administrative role).

  2. Under booking policies, locate the meeting room check in option and toggle it on or off according to your preference.

  3. If meeting room check in is turned on, a new field will appear to configure the check in window prior to the meeting starting.

  4. Save your changes.

To check in to a meeting room booking:

  1. Walk up to the UMA booking panel.

  2. Find your booking.

  3. Look for the check-in option and check into your booking.

If you 'check in' to a meeting room with an occupancy sensor and room release is turned ON, it will not release the room if no occupancy is detected.

Extend Meeting

You can now extend your meeting directly from the room booking panel.

Users will now see an extend button next to the current meeting on the booking panel if it is possible to extend that specific meeting.

The extension functionality is configured to align with the book now duration setting in company/building settings. This setting determines the increment slot length for meeting extensions.

How to Use:

  1. Walk up to the UMA booking panel.

  2. If your meeting is in progress you will see an extend button.

  3. In the extension modal, select your preferred end time for the meeting.

  4. Confirm your selection to extend the meeting.

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