v2.8.4 - 15th December 2021

🚀 Workspace

Introducing 'Workspace'!

A new page within UMA that gives you a holistic view of your physical or virtual workspace, allowing you to book and manage all resources from a map view and a list view.

Additionally, we have added the ability to book and manage 'Parking Spaces' and 'Other Resources'. These resources can be added within the 'Resources' page just like a 'Desk' or a 'Meeting Room'.

'Other Resources' have been added as a generic resource to allow you to create anything you would like to book, for example a pool car or a locker.

We've also added all live occupancy charts for desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and other resources to the dashboard which can be filtered based on building/floor, date or resource type.

'Workspace' will be built out throughout 2022 to help you manage your working day in a hybrid working environment.

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