Jabra Panacast

Integration overview

UMA have partnered with leading audio-visual technology specialists Jabra.

Jabra Panacast devices can now be monitored and managed by UMA.

The Jabra + UMA solution enables the Panacast cameras to accurately people-count, providing valuable occupancy and utilisation data metrics.

People count data is only supported by the Panacast and Panacast 50.

Occupancy data is supported by the Panacast 20, only when it's in a call.


To get started, make sure that the Jabra camera is on the latest firmware. This firmware can be downloaded from the Jabra website here.

Then download the Jabra Integration Service software on the Windows device that the Jabra camera is connected to. Only Windows is supported by the Jabra Integration Service.

If you download the Jabra Integration Service software from Jabra or a third party it will not allow you to connect to UMA servers.

The Jabra Integration Service will not work if you are running Jabra Direct software at the same time.

After the installation, restart your Windows device and follow the steps below.

Add a Jabra device

Navigate to add a device, click on Jabra and choose the camera model that you want to add from the drop down.

Use the electronic serial number of the camera for the 'ID' and choose a resource to add the device to.

The electronic serial number can be found by connecting the device to Jabra Direct - https://www.jabra.co.uk/software-and-services/jabra-direct .

Device information

You will now be able to click on the Jabra device and see device information such as:

  • IP Address (of the device it's connected to)

  • Device ID / Serial Number

  • Last Seen

  • Software Version

  • Created / Registered Date

  • Operating System (of the device it's connected to)

  • Machine / PC Name (of the device it's connected to)

  • Call Status

Along with the device status and occupancy information.

Optionally, you can allow the Jabra Panacast to auto book or cancel a meeting using the built in occupancy sensor.

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