v2.8.0 - 18th November 2021

Jabra Panacast Camera Integration

As part of our new partnership with Jabra, we have integrated the following devices into the UMA platform:

With this new integration, if you connect one of these devices to UMA you will gain the following:

  • Device Management (Online / Offline state)

  • Device Information (such as Serial Number, Software Version etc)

  • Occupancy State* (Available / Occupied)

  • Occupancy Utilisation Reporting*

  • Auto Book*

  • Room Release*

  • People Count**

Create a Video Meeting in UMA (BETA)

Due to popular demand we have included the ability to create a video meeting within UMA.

As part of this release we will allow users to add their own Cisco Webex or Zooms meeting links to their user preferences, which in turn will allow them to quickly copy these links into a meeting invite.

We've also integrated directly with Microsoft Teams so your own personal meeting link will be automatically copied into the booking after the booking is processed.

Zones (BETA)

With this feature we have started to provide support for displaying names on the map for different spaces or zones. In the first iteration this will only be editable by UMA and available on request, or as part of submitting a Floor Map for digitisation.

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