V1.6.0 - 13th May 2021

Company with No Calendar

A company can now use UMA without connecting their O365 calendar. Due to customer demand we have provided the option to quickly sign in and use the application with minimal sign up process.

Using UMA with no calendar will allow companies to add different sensors to the platform and view occupancy and environmental data in a variety of dashboard charts. It will also allow companies to use UMA for device and asset management purposes for monitoring AV/VC or IT hardware.

Sign In Page Update

We have updated our sign in page to provide a brand-less solution to allow for different companies with different branding options and styles. The new sign in page has been given a plain but stylish theme with scrolling images of different buildings.

Resource Description

A 'Resource Description' field has been added to the Resource entity. This will allow admins to provide useful information to users about what's included in a resource to help with the booking process.

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