v2.7.0 - 25th October 2021

Auto Scan Calendar Resources

This update will allow admins to sync resources with their calendar in two ways as follows:

  1. 'Auto Scan' will scan calendar resources to determine if there are any new resources which can be imported into UMA.

  2. 'Auto Scan' will scan calendar resources to determine if any resources within UMA are now 'invalid' within their calendar service. Invalid essentially means they don't exist anymore.

By navigating to the resources page you will be able to click on 'Auto Scan' as per the image below.

Once you have clicked on Auto Scan it will start scanning your calendar and provide an option to import available resources or delete invalid resources.

As part of importing you are able to bulk assign resources to a 'Building' or 'Floor' within UMA along with change the resource capacity and resource type.

If we detect that a resource in your calendar service has a capacity of '1' then we assume it to be a desk. Any higher then we will assume it to be a meeting room. This can be changed after scanning if required.

My Bookings Update

After taking feedback from users on 'My Bookings' in BETA we have made the following improvements to take this feature out of BETA.

  • My Bookings will default to just show bookings that were made within UMA.

  • A filter has been added to allow users to 'Show All Bookings' from their calendar.

  • UI improvements have been made to make the page look a lot cleaner and neater.

Edit / Cancel Desk Bookings 'on behalf of' Another User

As well as booking a desk on behalf of another user, you can now edit or cancel another users booking provided you have the permission to do so.

If you navigate to the 'Floor Map' and click on another users desk booking, it will open the side drawer and inform you that you are editing another user's booking. From here you can edit or cancel their booking.

Time Zone Improvements

As part of this release we are removing some obsolete time zones and also any time zones that don't include daylight savings. If any users have these time zones selected they will have their preferences automatically updated with the correct time zone as part of this update.

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