Add resources

Manually add resources

To create resources in Microsoft follow the guide here.

If you have already created your resources and you want to import them into UMA click here.

Bulk creation using PowerShell

Open Microsoft Excel and add the resources in the below format ensuring the name, email address and capacity field are populated.

Once populated save the excel document as a .CSV file.

Open PowerShell and use the following commands:

Allow the running of remote scripts

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Connect to Exchange Online

Connect-ExchangeOnline -Credential $UserCredential -ShowProgress $true

Import the .CSV file into PowerShell

Global administrator credentials are required to run this step.

Import-csv .\Resources.csv | foreach{ New-Mailbox -Name $ -Room -PrimarySmtpAddress $_.emailaddress -ResourceCapacity $_.capacity }

If successful you should now see an output from PowerShell which looks similar to the below showing the resources being created within your Microsoft 365 tenant.

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