Google organisations

Follow this guide if you are a Google organisation wanting to connect your users and resources to UMA.


UMA allows you to connect to your own Google Workspace tenant using the Google API to sync users and resources.

You will need your Google Workspace global admin to carry out the steps below.


To understand the permissions required for the UMA Vision application click here.

Getting started

To get started, navigate to your Google Workspace admin console.

Create a booking account

A booking account is required in order to create anonymous bookings. Any bookings that are unable to be booked through a user account will be created with this account.

We recommend using a generic email address such as as this account will not need to be logged into and will be easier to identify.

  • Create a new Google Workspace user - e.g.

  • Click on the newly created user/booking account and navigate to admin roles and privileges.

  • Ensure this user is given the super admin permissions role.

Continue setup in UMA

To get started, you should have received an email to set up your account. If you haven't, please contact your UMA representative.

Once logged in you will need to carry out the following steps:

Once these initial steps have been completed you can choose to connect to your Google Workspace tenant now.

Navigate to the integrations page and choose Google authentication to allow your employees to log in using Google credentials.

Once that's done, connect your Google calendar integration and enter in the booking account created above - e.g.

Add resources

To create resources in Google Workspace follow the guide here.

To import Google Workspace resources into UMA follow the guide here.

User sync

To sync your users from Google Workspace follow the guide here.

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