v2.9.8 - 27th October 2022

This release is all about improving the way you can book and manage car parking spaces within UMA.

🅿 Car Parking Improvements

Parking Space Attributes

To start we've added some attributes to the car parking resource so you can choose to tag the space as a disabled ♿ or EV charging space 🔌

Car Parking View

We've added a new car parking view to the 'Workspace' page.

This allows you to quickly filter down to view available parking spaces to book on the day you're coming into the office.

You can also easily identify if a space is allocated as a disabled ♿ or EV charging space 🔌.

Administrators, advanced managers and manager roles can understand parking space utilisation and view detailed information about each parking booking.

New Booking Fields

We've added the following fields to the parking booking form:

  • Car Registration

  • Make

  • Model

These fields are mandatory and allow administrators, advanced managers and manager roles to quickly view who is parked in a space by hovering over the booking.

These user roles are also able to book on behalf of and edit or cancel another users parking space booking.

Parking View on Map

We now have basic support to allow parking spaces to be assigned to a map.

Get in touch with the team for more information on this.

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