v2.9.6 - 29th September 2022

📌 Office Map Kiosk Application

Our new signage application is here!

You can now display your office map in public areas of your office to allow staff and guests to interact with your building digitally.

The office map application will help with finding and booking spaces as well as understanding occupancy and environmental data at floor or zone level.

To get started, navigate to office.meetuma.ai and pair your application using the following steps documented here.

✏ Rename 'No Show' to 'Away'

We've renamed the status 'No Show' to 'Away' to improve the understanding of this label.

This helps in circumstances where a user has arrived for their booking but has temporarily left but not cancelled their booking.

📍 Master Zone

You can now create or edit a 'Zone' as a 'Master Zone'.

This setting only applies to the Office Map application.

At this moment in time this will just be used to allow you to choose a specific 'Zone' to represent the amount of people on a floor based on people count data.

Only one master zone can be assigned per floor.

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