Branding and appearance

Select a personalised colour scheme, incorporate your company's branding, or upload your logo to replace the default UMA theme/logo.

You can pick from a colour palette or input your own colour codes to alter UMA's theme.

Additionally, you have the option to upload a custom logo using the upload file button. This logo will take the place of the current logos on the web portal and all UMA applications.

Modifying the appearance settings will only display as a preview until you save the changes.

Changes will apply immediately to all users who log in to the web portal.

Applications may take up to 30 mins to reflect the changes.

A white transparent logo is recommended, either SVG or PNG.

Application background image

To upload a custom image to your booking panel or visitor management application. Upload a theme image and preview before deploying.

Your image file type must be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .webp and 1920px x 1200px for best resolution.

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