1.7.3 - 18th April 2024

Neat integration for Neat pad

We're excited to announce a ground breaking partnership with Neat, revolutionising how you manage meeting spaces and room bookings. Our latest update allows our booking panel application to seamlessly run on the Neat Pad, Neat's bespoke booking panel hardware.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Easily install our booking panel .apk directly onto the Neat Pad for a streamlined setup.

  • Sync with Microsoft or Google: Connect your Microsoft or Google booking systems to display real-time room availability directly on the Neat Pad.

  • Intuitive LED Controls: The Neat Pad's LED lights intuitively indicate room availability, ensuring efficient space management.

Enhance your meeting room experience with the reliability of Neat hardware and the versatility of our booking software.

Signage mode

In our latest update, we are excited to introduce the Signage Mode feature.

This mode allows the display of essential information like space name, date and time, and the room's capacity without requiring an internet connection or pairing with the UMA portal.

This feature is particularly useful during the installation phase of the panels, serving as a placeholder before the site becomes active or before internal adoption of the product. Additionally, Signage Mode can be utilised for specific use cases, such as displaying an executive's name outside their office.

Disable booking

We have added an option to allow you to disable booking completely from the panel side.

Disable anonymous bookings

We have added an option to allow you to disable anonymous bookings from the panel. When this setting is on, you will only be able to book using your account.

Environmental statuses

We've introduced user-friendly statuses for the environmental metrics displayed on the meeting room panel.

Now, temperature, humidity, CO2, and air quality levels will show with easily understandable statuses, enhancing your ability to monitor and manage the room's environment for optimal comfort and health standards.

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