Add neighbourhoods

To add a neighbourhood, first make sure you have added a team.

To add a neighbourhood follow the instruction video below.

  1. Assign a group of resources to your neighbourhood to create a policy associated with these spaces.

Any resource types can be added to a neighbourhood as long as they are located on the same floor of a building.

  1. Assign the teams that you want to give access to these resources. You can assign as many teams as you want.

  2. You can now assign the days you want to give access to each team. Select a box next to each team to assign the days.

The days shown are based on your company or building settings.

  1. If you have any days not selected, you can allow public access on these days by turning on the 'Allow public access on unassigned days' setting.

To ensure that these resources comply with booking policy restrictions, we advise to make the same changes to your Office 365 or Google Workspace environment.

Hiding resources in the GAL helps keep resources only visible to users using the UMA application.

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