v3.0.2 - 19th February 2024


Office neighbourhoods refer to the various sections or areas within a workplace that are often organised based on departments, teams or functions.

Think of them as mini-communities within the larger office space, where groups of colleagues with similar roles or responsibilities work in proximity to one another.

Within UMA you can now create a neighbourhood by grouping together a collective of resources on the same floor.

The neighbourhood can then be set up to allow bookings for different groups of users on different days of the week. You can be as flexible as you want to accomplish an efficient hybrid working environment.

For more information on neighbourhoods click here.


In order to create a neighbourhood, you first have to create a team.

A team in UMA is a group of work colleagues who are affiliated with a particular department or specialised group within an organisation.

Teams typically collaborate on projects, tasks or initiatives related to their shared objectives.

In the context of resource management, such as booking meeting rooms or other office resources, teams are granted specific privileges or access based on their group affiliation, enabling them to efficiently coordinate and utilise these resources for their collective work purposes.

Within UMA you can now create a team by grouping users together.

Teams can then be assigned to neighbourhoods to establish booking policies against resources in your office environment.

For more information on teams, click here.

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